Walters Faith Jewelry Crafts Elegant Baubles for Everyday Life in the Hamptons

By Lauren Finney | September 12, 2016 | Watches & Jewelry

The jewelry brand Walters Faith Crafts classically elegant pieces for Hamptonites who appreciate everyday luxury.


Pieces from Walters Faith’s Cove collection; 18k rose- and white-gold with white diamond Clive fluted bangle ($35,000) and 18k rose-gold diamond Clive fluted Huggie earrings ($1,990).

For East Enders seeking a brand of jewelry that’s suitably stylish yet versatile enough to wear every day, Walters Faith may tick all the boxes. Its pieces are dainty in size, but bold in geometry. “Their balance and form is so clean that it can be translated into earrings, bracelets, and necklaces with such grace,” says Mollie Good, who cofounded the company with Stephanie Abramow. “It’s a classic form that will never go out of style. We don’t want to design trendy pieces that will get retired with the season’s latest fashions.”

Even the company’s name—derived from the middle names of Good (Faith) and Abramow (Walters)—has a sort of classical balance. “Walters is a family name and has a strong presence, and Faith has a softer, feminine side,” Good explains. “That hard/soft vibe is also reflected in our bold and fine jewelry.” She adds, “Using both of our middle names also indicates just how personally tied we are to each piece.”

Good handles most of the design, while Abramow manages operations—another example of two opposite halves coming seamlessly together to make a whole. That duality extends even to the most distinctive shape among the brand’s designs. “Our Walters Faith signature hexagon comes from the mirror image of our logo,” Good says. “As a small business, it was important to us to have a form we could incorporate throughout the collection that would make our jewelry recognizable and create a distinct sense of identity while lending a modern geometric element to each piece.

“We do not believe in ‘vault jewelry,’” Good adds. “We believe in wearable jewelry for modern women of all ages that exudes a relaxed sophistication.” London Jewelers, 47 Main St., Southampton, 287-4499; 2 Main St., East Hampton, 329-3939

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photography Courtesy of Walters faith

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