Come See Stella Flame's East-Meets-West Jewelry at Addo in Sag Harbor

By Lauren Finney | July 5, 2016 | Watches & Jewelry

Jeweler Stella Flame brings a particular mindfulness to her East-meets-West-inspired jewelry.


“I want to challenge people’s perceptions,” says fine jeweler Stella Flame, the “jeweler in residence” at Addo in Sag Harbor, whose newest collection, Botanic Tales, was inspired by a recent trip to Istanbul. “Tucked away in a little alley, I came across an amazing cache of floral engravings and vintage prints depicting snakes, lizards, frogs, crustaceans, and so on. I wanted to turn these creatures into something with a broader appeal.”

Look for lobster- and lizard-adorned 14k gold rings and snake rings and pendants, as well as diamond-encrusted floral cocktail rings featuring primrose at the Dog Days of Summer, an event she’s throwing in conjunction with Addo and Turkey’s Vinkara Winery to benefit the Southampton Animal Shelter on July 9.

Social consciousness is very much a presence in Flame’s jewelry, which is done in a variety of suitable metals that are “hard enough and hip enough to withstand Montauk’s surf scene, or delicate 14k gold chains and amulets that don’t interfere with sun salutations or tennis games.”

She also has a very Hamptons-apropos equestrian line, along with a new Love Story collection, based on a couple who came to her at Addo for a wedding band. Says Flame, “I’m very attracted to [Istanbul] and its exoticism, but I’m also very much a product of an American upbringing. I think combining the two sensibilities in my own particular way makes for a unique aesthetic.” Addo, 7 Main St., Sag Harbor, 919-5239

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