Pippa Small's Boho Jewelry is Now Available in Amagansett

By Rachel Felder | July 5, 2016 | Watches & Jewelry

Now available in Amagansett, Pippa Small's rough-cut diamond jewelry combines boho style and a charitable initiative.


18k yellow-gold and labradorite necklace ($9,395)

Although Pippa Small’s collection includes statement rings that spotlight raw diamonds and gold necklaces with cascading emeralds, the London-based jeweler doesn’t see her creations as typical precious accessories. “In some ways, they’re kind of anti-jewelry,” she says. “They’re not really about sparkle and prestige—they’re a bit more private than that. It’s about people wanting to have something quite individual.”

The pieces are indeed unique. Mostly focused around chunky, one-of-a-kind stones with a tangibly earthy feel, they’re luxurious with a distinctly boho ease. The sensibility is more about jewelry that can be worn every day, instead of saved for a special night out. Ironically, Pippa Small never intended to be a jeweler. She holds a master’s degree in medical anthropology and was active in human rights organizations in countries like Borneo and Thailand before starting her company.

While working with indigenous people, Small found herself fascinated with the way they wore jewelry. Once she started the company in 2011, she began partnering with artisans in countries like Afghanistan, Rwanda, and Bolivia to create pieces for the line, providing vital income for their communities; for that charitable aspect of the company, she was awarded a prestigious MBE by Queen Elizabeth II in 2013. Says Small, “It’s about empowering communities and providing employment. It’s about reviving traditional skills. It’s a way of using jewelry to do something positive.” Tiina the Store, 216 Main St., Amagansett, 267-6200

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