Let the Sunshine In

| August 19, 2010 | Past Events

2 - Let the Sunshine In
ABOVE: 28 Fieldview Lane, an East Hampton home by Blaze Makoid BELOW: Bluff Point

1 - Let the Sunshine InI’M FORTUNATE TO PRACTICE ARCHITECTURE in an area of tremendous, varied natural beauty. Our designs always begin with the recognition of what the specific site has to offer, and our goal is to maximize the connection to the outdoors. After all, for most of our clients, these are places to relax and entertain, and this largely occurs outside.

Every project that comes through our office always goes through the same challenge: the task of altering the perception of “enclosure.” In its most elemental form, architecture is shelter. But how do you create a home that accomplishes this without having to think about it? How do you make the awareness of enclosure disappear? By using the freedom permitted by the structural systems of modern architecture.

Two recent projects show different ways we’ve approached this dynamic. In our Fieldview residence in East Hampton, the outer walls of this C-shaped house are predominately solid, providing privacy from tightly spaced neighbors on three sides of the property. However, the walls that face the interior of the yard and all of the outdoor spaces are almost entirely glass, built with commercial aluminum “storefront” windows and doors. An additional series of overhangs, cantilevered balconies and a pool that touches three sides of the house further dissolve the distinction between inside and out.

The Bluff Point residence takes a slightly different approach. Rather than uninterrupted walls of glass, primary spaces such as the living room, master suite and child’s bedroom feature very large single apertures, like the frame of a massive painting. Each frame has a series of folding, accordion-like glass panels that, when open, create an uninterrupted piece of natural art that changes by the hour. Blaze Makoid Architecture, PO Box 436, Sagaponack, 631-537-7277; blazemakoid-architecture.com

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