Kitchen Aid

| July 29, 2010 | Past Events

2 - Kitchen Aid

1 - Kitchen AidBEING MARRIED TO an architect has afforded me a unique insight into the impact a kitchen can have on the overall architecture of a house. I’ve heard my wife at 2 AM, while lightly sleeping, mutter, “Two years of our heart and soul poured into that historic restoration, and the kitchen designer blew the whole endeavor to bits with the wrong crown height.”

That said, I founded Smith River to be a design studio for architecturally sensitive cabinetry design. We function as the missing link between architecture and kitchen design, and we collectively have more than 100 years of high-end residential architecture experience. Our designers are all licensed, talented architects who are adept at the use of architectural tools such as scale, rhythm and proportion. This unique approach to kitchen design has brought us to the forefront of our field.

One of our interests is working in historical houses on the East End. Low ceilings and small windows combined with wonky layouts is fun; we think of these projects as the Rubik’s Cube of design. We use oversize crowns, deep frieze boards, creatively designed wainscot paneling, chair rails, beamed ceilings and unique paint colors to seamlessly tie together old and new. Our goal is to create a diverse design portfolio in which every project is totally unique to the client and each design is functionally spot-on and a joy to inhabit. 92 Newtown Lane, East Hampton, 329-7122;

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