3 Extraordinary Richard Mille Watches You Can Only Get in the Americas

By Ryan Walsh, atimelyperspective.com | January 19, 2015 | Watches & Jewelry

Luxury watchmaker Richard Mille releases three new timepieces in very limited quantities.

4 - 3 Extraordinary Richard Mille Watches You…

RM 011 Flyback Chronograph Storm watch in NTPT and bold yellow.

The quest to woo Americans to buy finer, more high-tech haute horological timepieces remains a race—especially among independent watch brands that recognize the savvy watch-collecting market as a strong frontier. As such, we are witnessing more “made exclusively for the Americas” watch releases than ever before.

Such is the case with Richard Mille. The brand is releasing three new masterpieces—each retailing for between $160,000 and $170,000—as part of a series exclusive to the Americas featuring the RM 011 Automatic Flyback Chronograph movement.

There are two versions of the RM 011 Storm—each reflecting its signature accent color. Each Storm flyback chronograph has a signature Richard Mille skeletonized movement, giving the owner a look into the internal organs and heartbeat of their very own masterpieces. Among the functions of the Storm are an annual calendar, oversized date and month, 12-hour totalizer, and a 60-minute countdown timer.

3 - 3 Extraordinary Richard Mille Watches You…

RM 011 Automatic Flyback Chronograph Storm in orange.

The tripartite case of the Storm watches is made of TZP ceramic and is blasted to reach a matte black finish. The scratch-resistant case goes hand in hand with the high-tech center case band made of North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT) carbon, which is used broadly through aerospace advances and F1 car designs. This technology combines multiple layers of parallel filaments resulting from dividing carbon fibers. The layers are then injected with resin and specially and meticulously woven on a machine that creates an effect that resembles wood. This NTPT product is also used on the timepiece’s crown and pushers to give them an even more one-off design.

2 - 3 Extraordinary Richard Mille Watches You…

RM 011 Black Phantom features an all-black, modern look.

Richard Mille's third new release is the RM 011 Black Phantom, an all-black style that maintains a key presence much like a stealth bomber, created in limited edition of 50 pieces sold for $160,000 each.

The RM 011 Storm watches include the Orange Storm—built in a limited edition of 30 pieces at $160,000 each. This timepiece retains the stealthy case, but features strap and dial accents that jump out in your face in bright burnt orange. Its sibling, Yellow Storm, holds the same in-your-face attitude but in a bold yellow hue, which was created in limited edition of 50 pieces at $170,000 each.

These watches make their debut at Richard Mille boutiques in Las Vegas and Beverly Hills.

1 - 3 Extraordinary Richard Mille Watches You…

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