Baselworld 2015: Fendi's New Angry-Eyed Watches

By Roberta Naas, | April 15, 2015 | Watches & Jewelry

All eyes were on Fendi Timepieces's latest watch collection at Baselworld 2015.

3 - Baselworld 2015: Fendi's New Angry-Eyed Watches

Fendi Momento Bag Bug watch with a silver strap.

There were a lot of great watches at Baselworld this year—from the high-tech to the haute-horology, and even space age-like watches. Then there were the classics, the retros, the refined. But then, there were the fun, whimsical watches that just let you breathe in and out with a smile—and Fendi Timepieces unveiled one of those. Meet the Fendi Momento Bag Bugs capsule collection of angry-eyed watches for women and men.

The Bag Bug is a tiny creature that the brand created years ago as a good luck charm, and has been used as a bag accent, a key chain, and in all sorts of ways. Now Fendi brings the angry eyes of the whimsical Bag Bug to the dial of the Fendi Momento Bag Bug watches. Thanks to great color variations, the angry eyes jump out from the dial with bold expression. Those Bag Bug eyes are, of course, the subdials for the chronograph, although there are also non-chronograph models that even further underscore the angry eyes concept, thanks to the clean dial design. Making the watch even more intriguing is the fact that the hands on the dial feature the Fendi motif cutouts so that every time the minute and seconds hands meet on the dial, the cutouts come together to form the Fendi signature.

2 - Baselworld 2015: Fendi's New Angry-Eyed Watches

Fendi Momento Bag Bugs watch with diamond accents.

Each of the new limited editions is offered with an Elaphe snakeskin strap in an ultra-thin rendition. The snakeskin straps are then color-coordinated with a fur Glamy for dramatic appeal. Colors include powder blue, orange, green, and sable. The fur Glamys are made by the brand’s fur atelier and are of arctic or gray fox. The watches demonstrate Fendi’s long-standing work in luxury fur, as well as its daring, innovative side. Each watch is created in a limited and numbered edition of just 50 pieces, and comes with a personal note from Silvia Venturini Fendi.

1 - Baselworld 2015: Fendi's New Angry-Eyed Watches

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