Hamptonite of the Week: James B. Fairchild

May 29, 2012 | Talk of the Town

Fairchild with his two sons

Age: 55
Occupation: Owner, James B. Fairchild, Southampton
Hamlet: Sag Harbor

When did you start coming to the Hamptons and how has it changed since then?
I have been coming to Hamptons since my childhood. My parents had a home in Georgica Estates and we spent weekends and summers in the Hamptons. In the 1970s, the Hamptons were undeveloped and undiscovered. Each hamlet had its own charm. There were no big mansions—only farmhouses and expansive farm fields.

What’s your best, worst, or most hilarious Hamptons memory?
All of my best Hamptons memories involve outdoor activities. I remember walking on the open beaches, learning to surf, sailing and fishing, and crabbing with my parents. Now with two sons, I try to carry on these traditions and create more memories utilizing the beautiful beaches and waters that the Hamptons have to offer.

Do you have an inner circle or group of friends you hang out with most often when you’re here?
Since the majority of my adult life has been spent in Manhattan, I developed most of my close friendships with people there. Now that I am a year-round resident in the Hamptons and my sons are attending school in Sag Harbor, I have begun to develop friendships with year-round locals.

What are your East End traditions or must-dos every summer?
Definitely visiting the local farm stands for fresh produce. Also, I enjoy visiting estate sales and yard sales for great finds and meeting new collectors. Two events that I usually attend each summer are the Parrish Art Museum Gala and the Southampton Hospital Gala. Another tradition every summer is offshore fishing with my two boys. We charter a boat out of Montauk to do a little deep-sea fishing and hopefully bring in a big catch!

Who throws the best parties?
One of my favorites is [put on by] the Nature Conservancy. They have some great parties every season!

Where do you go for a drink and what’s your usual?
My drink of choice is wine. A few of the spots I like to go for a great glass of wine are Sant Ambroeus, CittaNuova, and East Hampton Grill. There are a few local wines I enjoy, but my favorites are some great California wines.

Do you have a favorite summer song or anthem?
Anything classic rock or R&B. I mostly listen to music when I am driving. You will usually catch me listening to a little Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, or the Rolling Stones.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten in the Hamptons?
The local produce, of course—tomatoes and corn. Also, the local fish is always as fresh as you can get it!

Where do you go to totally unplug?
My swimming pool. Never good to have those electronic devices around water, so it forces me to relax and float around a bit.

What’s the last thing you bought in the Hamptons?
My antique Jaguar. It’s a 1955 XK140 convertible. It’s classic and sporty, with a sleek black exterior and red interior.

Last night of the summer, where can we find you and what are you doing?
Probably at a dinner party soaking up the last days of summer with a glass of wine while watching the sunset across the farm fields.

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