Andrea correaleCaterer to Hamptons boldfaced names, Andrea Correale sees trends toward more healthful eating.

Long Island native Andrea Correale is evolving from her early, perhaps auspicious, entrepreneurial roots. At 16, she founded Rent-A-Waitress, a wait staff service, out of the basement of her parents’ Nassau County home; by college graduation, her clients numbered 500 and Elegant Affairs was born. Today, Elegant Affairs, based in Glen Cove and Manhattan, produces parties, events, and weddings throughout the Hamptons, North Shore, Gold Coast, and Manhattan, filing such boldfaced names as Billy Joel, Mariah Carey, Jimmy Fallon, and L.A. Reid in her Rolodex of clientele.

Correale attributes the company’s East End relevance to intuition. “I understand the mind-set and personality of the people who not only reside but also summer in the Hamptons,” she explains. “Knowing all those intimate details about the Hamptons clientele is a key ingredient to our success.”

This season, Correale says, the refined tastes of the East End elite are trending even more toward healthful eating. “Realizing that everyone is eating cleaner and healthier, we are using the best grilled fish [and meat] and making everything on-site,” she says. Case in point: She catered last month’s annual Heart of the Hamptons Ball in Bridgehampton with heart-healthy fare: Organic ginger-orange grilled salmon with mango salsa; whole-wheat penne and sautéed broccoli rabe with extra virgin olive oil; and poached asparagus with roasted red beets and citrus vinaigrette were all on the menu.

Given Hamptonites’ healthful habits, it’s fitting that Correale’s summer suggestions include bites as appetizing as they are wholesome: Quinoa, kale (“the salad of the season”), and granita (“a step away from sorbet,” made with fresh mango or watermelon juice) are all especially in demand. Correale, who makes a kale Caesar salad to “ease people into” eating the superfood, also recently rolled out a new take on the traditional salad bar. At parties, her team chops up a variety of organic lettuces, still in the greenhouse flats in which they were harvested, before garnishing with a vegetable-based dressing. East End carnivores appreciate her slimmed-down variations of the meatball trend that first popped up in Manhattan; Correale’s most-requested dish is her blackberry plum Hoisin-glazed turkey meatballs with scallion confetti. For an “easy-to-make,” crowd-pleasing dish at home, she recommends paella—adding lobster, clam, mussels, chorizo, chicken, saffron, and a variety of vegetables to her version.

Considering the extravagant events she’s produced, Correale’s own ideal is surprisingly simple. “I love parties at home,” she says. “I call it my ‘staycation’ party.” The ultimate? A daylong affair that segues into evening with “one big, long table under the stars—whether it be an Italian feast or Hamptons clambake, with local fish, local wine—making it a whole day where you’re truly getting a slice of the Hamptons.” 110 Glen Cove Ave., Glen Cove, 324-9825, 516-676-8500

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