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IF I PROMISE myself one thing this summer, it’s to take surf lessons. (I might try paddle boarding, too.) Part of my hesitation for years has been that I simply don’t see myself in a wet suit. Finally, I can erase that dreadful image from my mind: Good friend Jillian Demling—along with her business partner, Karen Mulligan—has launched Pret-à-Surf, with vintage-inspired rash guards and bikini tops for the surf set. The girls are total insiders (Jillian, an editor at Vogue; Karen, Annie Leibovitz’s studio manager), so it comes as no surprise that the line is quite fashionable. But they’re also functional, so I can look cute without having to worry about those embarrassing moments when I inevitably wipe out. It’s all in good fun!

This weekend we also delve into two of my other loves—interiors and fine food. Offering modern menus and fantastical foodie visions, a new generation of chefs has arrived out East, and we’re looking out for the next hot culinary neighborhood (I personally have my sights set on Montauk). Gorgeous and delicious food shares the pages with terrific homes; with an insider look at the stunning houses of interior designers Jarlath Mellett and David Scott, I guarantee you’ll be tearing out these pages as inspiration for your next project.

Finally, we go globetrotting with Voyage d’Hermès, the new Hermès fragrance, which takes its inspiration not from the destination, but rather from the journey. Trips are certainly wonderful—this one through the eyes of beauty director Anne-Marie Guarnieri—but as both she and I know, coming home to the Hamptons always feels even better.

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