Little Red and Red Bar Brasserie co-owners and restaurateurs David Loewenberg and Kirk Basnight

Rumor has it that beyond Shippy’s Pumpernickels Restaurant, Southamptonites don’t go out much. But on a recent weekend night, just a few days after Little Red opened across from the verdant expanse of Agawam Park and its fivestar playground, they were all there, perhaps to pay their respects to restaurateur David Loewenberg of Fresno, Red Bar Brasserie and The Beacon fame. Partnerships in the restaurant business can often end in costly frontpage divorces (see Laurent Tourondel’s BLT Restaurant Group debacle), but it seems as though Loewenberg is as fair a partner as he is a host. Once again, he has teamed up with Kirk Basnight, with whom he co-owns Red Bar, to launch their version of a Hamptons casual café.

When dining with the family, choose to eat outside, enclosed in greenery. From your perch at one of the long tables, enjoy the Mediterranean ambiance enhanced by potted palms and an expansive awning. But when out on the town, stay inside, where the action revolves around (what else?) a happy red bar squeezed by throngs of wedge sandals and bare shoulders.

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