Inside the new Westhampton Beach shop

I’ve known Jeff Goldstein since our teenage years. We attended different schools, but we grew up with a circle of close friends who were constantly hanging out on a particular stoop on 92nd Street in between classes. It’s not something you automatically realize while you’re growing up, but Jeff and I share so many influences that it makes perfect sense that we’ve come to understand each other’s aesthetic. It’s been exciting to watch Blue & Cream evolve, and I think the new Westhampton Beach outpost is the perfect addition to his growing brand.

Jeff first approached me about carrying my collection at Blue & Cream back in 2004, when he opened his East Hampton location. It was his first store, but he already had a pretty clear idea of what he wanted the brand to be. “Blue & Cream was inspired by my talented friends, and I wanted the store to be reflective of our own lifestyle,” he explains. “I didn’t want to focus on any scientific formula except ‘We like it, we buy it.’” Seven years later, Blue & Cream is still rooted in this sense of authenticity.

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