The home’s second floor houses much of the Rosenzweigs’ photography collection, including the triptych “Food,” “Clothing,” “Shelter” by Laurie Simmons (RIGHT)

Since that start, the Rosenzweigs have amassed an impressive collection of emerging contemporary artists who count themselves among the most successful talents of their generation. “The New Museum started a special collectors group where, once a month, we’d go to an artist’s studio,” he recalls. “One of the first studios we went to was that of Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf, when they were still in Chinatown. People were buying drawings right out of the studio. Of course, we didn’t know then that Keith Haring would become Keith Haring.” Such was their introduction to Haring, as well as Cindy Sherman, Raymond Pettibon, Mark Bradford, Roxy Paine, Vik Muniz, Tauba Auerbach, and East Ender Michelle Stuart, among others.

One of the many traits the Rosenzweigs have imbued in their two grown children is this aesthetic sensibility, a quality that their daughter, celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe (Berman née Rosenzweig), has spun into a wildly successful career: Her highly sought style earned her a television series, The Rachel Zoe Project, as well as many celebrity clients. “Rachel had a lot of visual stimulation and a lot of exposure to art because we were always going to museums and galleries and taking our children on art trips,” says Leslie of her daughter, who has also begun collecting fashion-related art.

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