Edwina von Gal near her dock on Accabonac Harbor

While many of the Hamptons’ architectural marvels have equally exquisite grounds, landscape designer Edwina von Gal hopes you never recognize her work in the way you would a Stanford White or a Norman Jaffe. “You can’t leave ego behind in a landscape if you want it to be serene,” says von Gal. “I’m trying to give people places where they can really feel calm, a refuge. And if they know there are chemicals being used, that’s one thing already that is going to disturb your subliminal sense of peace.”

Thoroughly committed to the environment and sustainability, von Gal is inspired by indigenous plant life, particularly the landscape she sees outside her house and studio in The Springs. “Because my house is very close, basically in the marsh, the view is a landscape I had nothing to do with, and I really like that,” she says. “I can sit and look out and there’s no work looking back at me. It’s so serenely beautiful because nature is the best landscaper of all.”

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