Rachelle Hruska and Sean MacPherson relax at The Crow’s Nest.

The forty-something hotelier/nightlife impresario from Malibu and the twenty-something blonde Nebraskan entrepreneur might not be, at first look, the most obvious of couples, but Sean MacPherson and Rachelle Hruska, are one husband/wife team that really works. With the addition of their now seven-month-old baby boy, Maxwell, the duo’s path to first family of Montauk is firmly established.

As the man behind some of Manhattan’s most noteworthy spots—Maritime Hotel, The Jane, Waverly Inn—MacPherson imported his sensibility to Montauk with his purchase of The Crow’s Nest Inn & Restaurant, now in its third summer. “It’s a labor of love, and it’s a slow organic process, much like one’s own home,” says MacPherson, who finally confirmed that he is indeed building two new hotels in downtown New York that he hopes to open in late 2013—previously a rumor that had hotel blogs buzzing for the past several months.

With these hotels will come potential content for GuestofaGuest.com, a website that covers the “people, places, and parties” of the Hamptons, New York, Los Angeles, and DC. “Our Hamptons site is one of the best resources you can find,” says Hruska, the site’s cofounder and editor-in-chief. This year, she’s hard at work at what she calls Phase II, growing Guest of a Guest on a global level to other cities and countries.

While their semi-whirlwind courtship started in 2010, it’s almost strange that the two hadn’t romantically connected out East earlier: Hruska had been coming to the Hamptons for the past seven years, while MacPherson says he’s been a frequent visitor since the late ’90s. Despite the age difference, their professions have more than overlapped. “We feel Montauk is one of the most special spots on earth,” says MacPherson, who wed Hruska at St. Andrew Church in Sag Harbor last May. “It’s a place for us to slow down, connect with nature, and settle in as a family.”

Together, they’re currently working on remodeling their home in Montauk—a “small, Robinson Crusoe-style beach shack,” says Hruska—to fit said growing family. “We’ve been focused on our first and biggest collaboration, our son, Maxwell,” Hruska admits. “So far it’s gone very well. We’ll see what’s next.”

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