Leighton Meester, in a signature Vera Wang gown, waits with for her beloved on a fire escape—a modern-day Juliet to introduce Vera Wang’s latest fragrance, Lovestruck. Meester is the perfect muse: beautiful, fresh and fashionable, a New York actress on the cusp of superstardom. With a single spritz, the floral scent of pink guava, lotus flower, tuberose and wood captures that fleeting, crystallizing moment before the reckless leap of faith into love. Presented in a classic bottle with a tulle bow, the perfume evokes youthful romance while recalling Wang’s iconic designs.

The Southampton resident channels her own zest for life into her creations and is never more inspired than when taking some time off from the city out East. With a whisper and a lingering scent, she shares her motivations and summer moments before heading back to Manhattan to present her Spring 2012 collection.

What do you love most about the Hamptons?
In summer, the "light!!" ... the lifestyle!! How informed and easy everything is, from entertaining to sports, from fashion to food. Fun!

Describe your ideal day in the Hamptons.
Sleep late, smoked salmon from the Village Cheese
Shop, reading, golf and lunch at my golf club, Atlantic,
and a cocktail and swim at home before a party or dinner.

What is your guilty summer pleasure?

What is your favorite aspect of creating a fragrance?
All of it. The bottle, the cap, the signage, the scent or juice! But most of all...the story. There has to be a story about something. Oh, and yes! The girl!

What compelled you to launch Vera Wang Lovestruck?
The feeling of overpowering emotion! Throwing caution to the wind! Struck by love!!!

What is your personal motto to live by?
Dare to dream!

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