“I love that every Hamlet has its own distinct style, reflective of its residents,” says Amagansett-based design extraordinaire Kenny Davis, who has worked with a range of colorful characters including Heidi Klum, Diddy, Ashton Kutcher and Queen Latifah. But while designing interiors and events are what put Davis on the map, gardens are where his true passion lies. His illustrated book Pollinate gave a slightly provocative look at the lush flora of the Hamptons, and many botanical elements can be found in his eponymous lighting and wallpaper collection. Were he to design his own fantasy space, gardens would be high on the wish list. “I’m a farm boy at heart,” says Davis. “Thus, I would love a traditional farmhouse with a wraparound porch in Bridgehampton horse country with fields of wild flowers.” 745-2887; pollinateart.com

What’s one career moment that you’re proud of?
Pollinate, my illustrated book, exclusively photographed throughout the Hamptons.

You’re known for your love of color, but if you had to design a whole room with just one color, which would you pick and why?
White, rather the absence of colour. White is the only colour you need.

What book is on your bedside table right now?
The instruction manual to the remote.

What does no one know about you?
I'm straight!

What are three elements of your idea of a perfect day?
Morning stroll to Amagansett's farmers market, horseback riding, and bonfire on the beach with friends.

What is on your iPod at the moment?
Michael Ball, Toby Keith + Cher and Queen Latifah, my favorite!

What’s one Hamptons home trend you hope runs its course?

What’s the biggest difference you find in the design style between the different villages. (i.e. Montauk versus East Hampton)?
I love that every Hamlet has its own distinct style reflective of its residents.

What’s one Hamptons architecture style or home accessory you hope lasts forever?
White clapboard and aged cedar shingles, lovely english gardens.

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