The Private Life
With privacy in mind, the actress admits to trying to avoid the paparazzi all together. To her, photos taken on the press line are copasetic; photos of her leaving the gym feel invasive. And where her nightlife is concerned, “there is always a back door,” she says. “As far as clubs go, you can work it out to go in and out the back. It depends on what you want.” Worried she may be coming across as critical of other starlets frequently captured on the town, she cautiously adds, “I hope that doesn’t sounds self-righteous or judgmental, but I am private and I prefer it that way.”

Her work on The Borgias and Entourage wrapped, Chriqui is free to take on new projects in the fall, and she hopes to land on another cable series—particularly “something I can sink my teeth into. I want to be working hard, week after week”—before taking a hiatus to just relax or pursue other projects. “I think being an actor, we are constantly in a state of anxiety one way or another,” she says. “But I feel way more empowered than anxiety-ridden.” There is also buzz about an Entourage film, buzz that Chriqui certainly does not dispel: She reports that storywise, the end of the last season sets up a movie continuation “beautifully, so fingers crossed!”

With a career so clearly on the ascent, Chriqui does not need to rely on superstition or good-luck charms. But should she need a place to unwind and contemplate her opportunities, she knows there isn’t much that a week in the Hamptons can’t clear up.

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